Beth's Piano Studio

3790 Kersdale Place
Grove City, Ohio 43123



Meet Beth's Students




Nolan likes learning about the piano. His favorite song is "Do Not Sneeze". He likes to play with Play-Doh.

A Grand Plan (Barden)
The Professor's Rest (Barden)
Steps and Seconds (Barden)

Oliver is a new student who is very anxious to learn things as his older brothers do and make up pieces as well. His favorite song is "Solid Rock" and he likes to play with trains and likes Curious George.

Wendy the Whale (Faber)
Magic Tree House (Faber)
Cuckoo Clock (Faber)


Topher is looking forward to playing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and having Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear help him learn about music. He enjoys legos and reading.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Traditional)
Rockin' Pony Ride (Barden)

amber emma quincy

Amber is a new beginner who thinks it will be fun to learn to play the piano. She enjoys jumping on her trampoline.

The Library (Alexander)
Popcorn (Alexander)
Saturday Skateboardin' (Bober)

Emma likes music and thinks it is pretty. She likes jumping on her trampoline, playing with her hula hoop and her Kindle.

Love Somebody (Palmer)
Horse Sense (Palmer)
Skating Starlet (Bober)

Quincy likes piano and especially Piano Club. Her favorite piece is "Brass Band". She likes to play with LOL dolls.

Starlight, Star Bright (Folk Tune / arr. Mrozinski)
Old MacDonald (Folk Tune)
Duck Feet (Albergo)

Amber and Emma - Duets

April Showers (Jimbo)
Old MacDonald (Traditional / arr. Schaum)
Are You Sleeping (arr. Mclean)


liam mackenzi

Bennett likes playing by ear and
figuring out new songs. He enjoys
Star Wars, soccer, and baseball.

Mouse in the Clock (Faber)
You Can Clap for Me (Faber)
Over the Rainbow (Arlen / arr. Matz)

Liam likes making up his own pieces and enjoys playing his pieces with the keyboard accompaniments. He enjoys Pokemon, Mind Craft, and video games.

The Haunted Mouse (Faber)
Li'l Liza Jane (Traditional / arr. Faber)
The Juggler (Faber)

Mackenzi is a new beginner and has already started experimenting with playing hands together! Her favorite songs are "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" and "Good Enough". She enjoys crafts, drawing, and singing.

Alouette (Traditional / arr. Alexander)

Snorkeling (Alexander)
Trampoline Tumble (Bober)

Bennett and Liam - Duets

Pow-Wow (George)











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Openings for all ages and levels - young beginner through advanced!


Capri is a new student and has already started writing down a piece she made up before beginning lessons! She enjoys reading and her favorite books are the Goosebumps series.

We're On a Road Trip (Marlais)
Waterfalls (Beyer)
Sneaky Skeleton (Rollin)

Tyler likes playing duets and memorizing new pieces. He likes bowling, singing, and playing basketball and his favorite types of music are musicals, Disney songs, and Christmas songs.

Let's Go Fly a Kite (Sherman & Sherman / arr. Faber)
Leap Frog (Klose)
Rollerblade Race (Bober)

Capri - Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Busy Bumblebee (Bober)

You're a Grand Old Flag (Cohan / arr. Matz)
Two for the Show (Strickland)

- Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Dance With Me (Alexander)
Scottish Dance (Alexander)
The Carillon (Bober)

Adult Students

Misty played the violin in school and has had a few piano lessons in the past. She wants to continue learning more about piano now. She enjoys all types of music, especially classical.

Jolene is very interested in learning to play the piano. She enjoys many types of music from easy listening to classical.

Jolene - Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Edelweiss (Rodgers & Hammerstein / arr. Faber)
My Heart Will Go On (Horner / arr. Faber)
Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' (Rodgers & Hammerstein / arr. Faber)


Vanessa is a new beginner who has never taken piano lessons, although she does have some choir experience. She likes all genres of music and would love to someday play Fur Elise.

Jenn took piano lessons as a teen-ager. She now wants to be able to fill in as pianist / organist at her church.

Amy has played the piano for many years and enjoys playing advanced music, but would like some guidance in her playing. Her favorite composer is Chopin.