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Featured Composer for October
Alexander Scriabin



Alexander Scriabin  was a Russian composer who started writing music during the Romantic era, but whose last works are more Contemporary.  His name is spelled Skyrabin in Russian, but he is better known as Scriabin.


He is known mainly for his orchestral works but also wrote 10 piano sonatas and about 200 shorter piano pieces, known for their soulful melodies, originality, and musical value.  He also developed his own harmonic system.


One of his composition projects was Mystery, which was intended to include dancers, poetry, color keyboard, perfumes, incense, and bells suspended from blimps.  It was never completed.


He was a distant cousin of another famous composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.  They both attended the Moscow Conservatory where Scriabin was called “Russia’s Chopin”.

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