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Meet Beth’s Students

Kyoka likes to make up pieces.  She likes to watch TV and bake cookies and cupcakes with her mom.

Kyoka -Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)


The Bear Went Over the Mountain (Traditional / arr. Matz)

Morgan enjoys learning new pieces and likes how the notes sound.  She enjoys volleyball and her favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine”, and “I Love Rock and Roll”.

Morgan -Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)


Charlotte likes playing duets and learning scales!  She  enjoys gymnastics and likes to play outside, watch television, and bake cookies.

Charlotte -Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)


Kennedy likes to learn new solos and compose pieces.  She enjoys gymnastics, crafts, coloring, and reading. Her favorite piece is Morning Mood.

Kennedy – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth) 

Leena likes all kinds of solos and playing duets with Philippa.  She enjoys soccer and baking with her dad.  Her favorite song is “I’m Not Scared of the Dark”.

Philippa enjoys all kinds of music and playing duets with Leena. She likes to play Roblox.  She also enjoys soccer and drawing.  Her favorite song is “‘What’s Up Danger”.

Philippa – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

It’s a Small World (Sherman & Sherman/arr. Kowalchyk, Lancaster & Barden)
Over the Rainbow (Arlen /arr. Kowalchyk, Lancaster & Barden)

Millie likes Disney music, pop music, and making up her own pieces.  She enjoys gymnastics, dancing, singing, and playing with friends and cousins.

Millie – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Old MacDonald Had a Song (Traditional / arr. Faber)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Traditional / arr. Faber)

Thomas likes to play duets. He likes country music and enjoys baseball, legos, and reading.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Tilzer / arr. Kern)

Thomas – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Bailey has taken lessons for several years and wants to continue with a new teachers.  She enjoys riding bikes, video games, and sports.

Erelyn likes learning about  different styles of music. She enjoy gymnastics.  

Erelyn – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Emma enjoys playing duets with Amber. She also plays flute in band. She likes to read and draw and play on her Kindle.

On Top of Old Smoky (Traditional / arr. Palmer)

Amber enjoys playing duets with Emma. She also plays flute in band.   She enjoys reading, baking, and playing on her Kindle.

Amber and Emma – Duets

When the Saints Go Marching In (Traditional / arr. McLean)

Capri likes memorizing solos, and especially enjoys jazz music.  She also plays flute in band.  

Capri – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Brayden took lessons when he was younger and wants to try again on a more serious level.  He enjoys video games and playing the piano.  His favorite composer is Beethoven.

Brayden – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

Adult Students

Michael has played guitar for many years and played cello for six years.  He is very interested in learning piano now, and exploring different types of music.  His favorite performer is Bruce Hornsby.

Michael – Duets
(Duet parts played by Beth)

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